Project Description

Date: 8-9 February 2017
Length of Event: Two days
Location: Tobacco Dock Venue, London
Number of Delegates: 3,000+


The Event

With veganism becoming a rapidly growing diet choice in the UK, the Tobacco Dock Food team relished the chance to create an entire menu dedicated to ethical eating, a first for the innovative catering brand. Due to the fact that vegan cookbooks are currently outselling meat publications, the company’s chefs and consultant advisers were faced with the challenge of meeting high expectations for creative and colourful vegan food.

The caterers intricately planned and created a two-day menu which included options such as raw vegan snickers bars, wild mushroom macaroni with truffle oil garlic bread, the ‘Lush Dog’ with sautéed onions, Frenchie’s mustard and harissa ketchup and carrot, pecan and cranberry cake.

Tobacco Dock Food fed snacks, lunch and dessert to over 3,000 attendees across the two days. The conference was organised to showcase the company’s spring collection as well as profile their charity activities. The event was for 1,800 internal delegates and then the doors were opened to the public, press and bloggers from 11am each day.

Through this exploratory range of vegan catering, Tobacco Dock Food were able to increase awareness and knowledge of the growing lifestyle trend as well as reflect Lush’s core ethical values.


Tobacco Dock Food Feedback

Tim Stevens, Managing Director of Eventist Group, commented: “The team at Tobacco Dock Food embraced the challenge of providing a range of natural, guilt-free dishes at the Lush Summit 2017. The selection was so delicious that people were going back for more! Our Eventists love to get creative with the latest food trends – and sometimes conjure up some of our own – so the opportunity to cook up an array of vegan treats was fantastic!”


Client Feedback

Hilary Jones, Lush Ethics Director, stated: “Not only did Tobacco Dock Food pull out all the stops to be inventive, flavoursome and vegan with the food, but it was also served by happy and friendly staff, which made the whole experience pleasant. The food seemed to go down really well and the choice offered was much appreciated.”